Nowadays biometric has made the attendance system we provide the best biometric system at your budget. A biometric attendance system has formed  a biometric device that catches the attendance of employees by verifying their fingerprints. The verified fingerprint identifies the basis of many coordinates explained within the software, which then exactly scans the fingerprint. It keeps a path of the check in and check out timing of students and teachers in the school.

         Biometric systems have been utilized  to control the physical approach of the buildings. The important use of this was to prevent any danger of fraudulent exertion.

The main aim  to carry out a biometric attendance structure is to give access only to permitted people and secure their benefits, while monitoring  and  tracking  their presence in the school.


  • Accurate Attendance
  • Convenience
  • Saves Time
    • Increases Efficiency
    • Increases Security and Protects Privacy